How to Set Up & Build a Successful YouTube Live Marketing Campaign

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform on the Web today. This video repository racks up an estimated total of more than 4 billion views on a daily basis from its over 1 billion viewers worldwide. If you ask me, then that’s over 5 billion reasons why many businesses now use YouTube to reach their ideal customers and prospects to promote their content, products and services!

An Introduction to YouTube Live

YouTube Live is among the newest features of this video repository. Following the popularity of Facebook Live, Google decided to bring in its authority in this field. They probably realized that more users around the world go to YouTube to watch the video content that they want than on any other social media platform or video streaming repository on the Web. Google also knows that many local and global businesses of all sizes would want to take advantage of a live streaming platform to get their message across their target audiences from YouTube’s 1 billion viewers!

Through live video streams on YouTube, you can now eliminate the geographical and fiscal barriers to live offline events. Your target audience will also see the urgency in watching your one-time streams. This can significantly increase the reach of your promotional campaigns and drastically improve viewer turnouts at your live video streams.

Many of your ideal customers and prospects will also feel more connected to your live video streams than with any of your other marketing campaigns and strategies. This means more engagement and participation from them during your live events. This can in turn significantly improve your sign-ups, conversions and sales!

Step By Step Instructions on How to Use YouTube Live

There are basically 2 types of YouTube Live streams. You can either choose to go Live instantly by selecting STREAM NOW or choose EVENTS to have a better control of your broadcast. Here are detailed steps on how you can start using YouTube Live today and interact with your audience instantly:

1. Check the Status of Your YouTube Channel

To use YouTube Live, you should have a YouTube channel that has been successfully verified by the YouTube team for live streaming capabilities. Your channel shouldn’t have any restrictions or limitations associated with live video streams. Once these things are out of your way, you can then proceed to the next step.

2. Download & Set Up Your Encoder

Before you can do Live Broadcasts on YouTube, you need to choose and download encoding software. This tool needs to access the microphone, video camera and other applications on your device, in order for this software to retrieve relevant data from your device and broadcast it on the Web. There’s a wide variety of encoders on the Internet, but the following are the top picks of many YouTube Live hosts:

  • AirServer – This encoding software is compatible with MAC and Windows computers, and also with Android and iOS devices. By using AirServer, you’ll be able to mirror your screen’s activity without too much trouble.
  • Mobile Capture – This encoding software is specifically designed for Android and iOS devices. Through this encoder, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone for your live broadcasts on YouTube.
  • GameShow – This software is among the top 3 most downloaded encoding software this year. GameShow enables you to customize your live streams and gives more control over your live video broadcasts.

3. Enter Relevant Details in BASIC INFO Tab

This is where you can assign captivating titles to your live video streams. The other details that you enter in this tab can also help YouTube to identify which group of an audience should be able to know about your broadcasts.

4. Optionally Use the Fan Funding Card

You can take advantage of the Fan Funding Card to earn some money for every live video stream that you make. This can allow you to cover some of the costs incurred in creating and promoting your live video feeds.

5. Add Game Titles

If you are planning to broadcast a live tutorial for the hottest video games today, then you should add the game titles to the details of your live video stream. YouTube uses this information for their search algorithm, which means your target viewers will be able to quickly see your live video streams in YouTube’s results index for relevant search terms.

6. Set Privacy Settings

If your live video stream offers general content, then you can set Privacy Settings to PUBLIC. If you wish to limit access to your live video broadcasts to a select audience of your choosing, then you should choose UNLISTED or PRIVATE.

7. Set Broadcast Quality

There are two options for broadcast quality in the STREAM OPTIONS tab. If you select Low Latency, then your viewers will be able to view your Live Video no matter how strong or weak their Internet connection is. On the other hand, if you choose Highest Quality, then viewers with slow Internet connection might be unable to watch your videos.

8. Start Your Broadcast

At this point, you’re now ready to start your Live Broadcast! Keep in mind to interact with your target audience through the live chat feature in YouTube Live during your video feeds.

Tips & Advice to Improve Your YouTube Live Video Marketing Campaigns

The key to making an effective YouTube Live Marketing Campaign is by knowing your target viewers well. If you really know your target audience and their interests, then you’ll be able to decide on the best content to serve them and which points to emphasize during your live video streams. By focusing on these strong points, you can captivate your ideal customers and prospects right from the start of your YouTube Live streams.

Your videos should be as quick and simple to understand as possible. Aside from grabbing the attention of your ideal customers and prospects, your live video streams should also entice them to keep on watching and also compel them to participate and engage with your content. Many viewers lose attention when video content begins to be too complex for them to comprehend. Besides, the main objective is to instantly send the right message to the right audience, right?

Lastly, interact with your audience and be open to suggestions. Your audience will feel more satisfied if you’re willing to answer some questions related to your videos. Through this, you can establish mutually beneficial relationships with your ideal customers and prospects through your YouTube Live video streams.

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How to Make Effective YouTube Live Broadcasts for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Social media platforms can help you cost-effectively reach more of your ideal customers and prospects around the world.

Facebook has 1.6 billion users who actively participate in discussions and engage with content from publishers and advertisers, while more than a billion users worldwide are regularly watching tutorials, guides and live broadcasts on YouTube.

With this video repository’s more than 4 billion views each day, you’re bound to send your message to your target audience, as long as you do it right.

YouTube Live is Google’s answer to Facebook Live. With more users expecting video content from YouTube than any other place on the Internet, YouTube Live is pretty hard to ignore when it comes to promoting your business on the Web.

Arguably, YouTube’s pre-recorded video streams and live video feeds are also more optimized in terms of content delivery than Facebook. Videos in YouTube load much faster than any other online video repository!

So now, what you need to do is make sure that your YouTube Live video streams can reach and captivate your target audience. You must ensure that your live video feeds can keep them interested enough to actively engage with your content. Your ideal customers and prospects should feel the need to participate in relevant discussions about topics that are covered by your YouTube Live streams. So, here are some tips to do this right:

Tips to Create Effective YouTube Live Broadcasts for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

  • Identify Your Target Viewers & Ideal Customers
  • This is a crucial step for you to be able to deliver the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. Knowing the right viewer group will greatly contribute to the success of your online marketing campaign. By knowing who you want to make the videos for, you will be able to think about concepts that will suit the taste of your intended viewers. Remember, no matter how good your material is, if it falls on the wrong ears (or eyes in this case), then it is close to being worth nothing!
  • Choose the Right Social Media Platform to Promote Your Live Video Streams
  • Another thing that will contribute to the success of your YouTube Live video marketing campaign is the social media platform that you’ll use to promote your live video streams. Since you already know who your target viewers are, then you should study what other social media platforms they’re regularly using. For instance, if your ideal viewers are serious professionals, then you should probably promote your live broadcasts on LinkedIn where you can find millions of your target customers and prospects.
  • Create the Right Content for Your Ideal Viewers
  • Basically, for your YouTube Live video stream to be effective, it needs to answer the most pressing questions about relevant topics of your target viewers before they even ask. You also need to introduce your content, products and services in some of the most creative ways possible so your viewers can find your streams hard to forget. Describe in a simple to understand ways what your business and content is all about and how your products and services can benefit your ideal customers and prospects.
  • Take Advantage of the Fan Fund Card
  • Marketing campaigns are normally considered expenses, but with YouTube Live Broadcasts, you can actually get back the money you invested in making the material. YouTube allows video hosts to avail of the Fan Fund Card where you can earn money with the help of your viewers. This usually happens when your viewers subscribe to your YouTube Channel.
  • Closely Monitor Your YouTube Live Broadcasts
  • It’s very important to keep track of the progress and performance of your live video streams. This way, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign. If there’s a lot of positive feedback from viewers, then it’s a good indication that your campaign is on the right track.
  • Spend Wisely
  • Don’t blow a fortune when promoting your YouTube Live streams. With the help of other social media platforms, you can cost-effectively advertise your live video broadcasts to your target audience.

How to Start Your YouTube Live Broadcast

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a verified YouTube channel. You should also check if you have any restrictions and limitations. Once you do this and confirm that you have the correct rights and privileges in your YouTube channel, then you can move on to the next step.

The second thing you need to do is to download an encoder. You can find a lot of available encoding tools on the Web. Most of these programs can be downloaded for free or at reasonable prices. Although not really mandatory, you’re recommended to use encoding tools that are verified by YouTube. This way, you can be sure that you’ll have a smooth broadcast on YouTube Live.

After downloading and setting up your encoder, the next thing you must do is fill out some basic information for your live video streams. This information will help your intended viewers to easily find your videos. Since there are millions of videos uploaded on YouTube, it won’t be hard for your target audience to see other videos. Make sure that you provide the appropriate information that will guide your viewers to your live broadcasts.

Next, you have to configure the Privacy Setting of your Live Stream. You can choose from three options. If you want everybody to see your broadcast, then you should set the Privacy Setting to PUBLIC. This means anyone who is allowed to visit YouTube can see your video.

If you have specific target viewers, then you can choose the UNLISTED option or the PRIVATE option. This means only viewers who know the links to your live streams will be able to watch your feeds. You can promote the links to your YouTube Live streams across your target audience in the right social networks, websites, blogs, Web forums and other social communities on and off the Web.

At this point, you’re now ready to begin your show! Don’t forget to answer questions from your viewers. This will help your campaign become a success. Building rapport with your ideal customers and prospects can significantly improve your conversions.

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How to Quickly & Easily Launch Video Marketing Campaigns with YouTube Live

Have you considered promoting your business through YouTube Live video streaming? YouTube is fast becoming a popular social media platform for Internet marketers. This is not surprising since YouTube has more than a billion users worldwide.

YouTube videos enjoy more than 4 million views daily. Out of these views, about 1 million are from mobile devices. This means people find time to watch video clips even when they are on the go.

Product advertising has shifted over the past years to social media platforms. From static photos and write-ups, the trend is now shifting to videos. Video clips provide a three-dimensional product view, which is almost as good as holding it in your hands.

Consumers prefer the convenience of purchasing products online. However, some doubts remain about suitability and preference for a more in-depth look into the product features. YouTube Live marketing campaigns can address this issue, right at the moment when the interest of the viewer has been captured.

What Makes YouTube Live an Effective Marketing Tool?

YouTube Live broadcasts make effective product presentations. You can create videos to address the questions that consumers usually ask about a product that you promote. Unlike video posts, live streams give you the opportunity to communicate with interested viewers in real time.

YouTube Live provides instant interaction between you and your viewers. If you engage in email marketing as most e-commerce business owners do, you will notice that certain questions about your product and services are always asked. A video live stream can address all of these questions, as well as others that may arise from your answers.

You can use the YouTube Live chat feature to have direct interaction with interested viewers. Certainly, there are risks associated with doing live broadcasts, for example dealing with sceptical viewers. However, the benefits that you can reap from venturing into this platform put you into a better position to understand what consumers want.   

You have a captured audience of interested viewers during a live stream. You can convert these viewers into customers in a manner similar to how sales professionals in brick and mortar establishments clinch sales. Your enthusiasm for your products and your prompt replies to viewer concerns are your tools for turning views into conversions.

How to Prepare Your YouTube Live Broadcasts

Enable your YouTube account for live streaming by creating your channel.  It is advisable to do this from your Gmail and Google accounts. Just tap on the Create Channel link if you are using a mobile device. YouTube provides options for creating a channel in your name or for your business and brand. Select an option, and then follow the prompts.

In creating your channel, you are bound to follow the YouTube terms of use. This means following the restrictions imposed by the platform against copyright violations and offensive contents. If you are launching a marketing campaign, avoid the use of copyrighted materials because this can result to your video being removed or blocked.

Plan your first YouTube Live event well. Invite your friends and family in a test broadcast. This will give you the feel of live streaming. Tweak the privacy settings to restrict who can view the video stream and participate in the live chats. Though this is a rehearsal, tell your friends to ask tough questions to prepare you for future live streams.

As a beginner, you have to hone your hosting skills. This means being ready with quick answers and clever responses. Know all the key features of the product you are promoting and prepare responses to even the most unlikely questions. Product reviews and comments from customers provide a wealth of information that you have to look into.

For every new video streaming project, it is worthwhile to go into a rehearsal or test broadcast. You can stop rehearsals and go directly into YouTube Live broadcast when you have polished your skills and gained confidence in hosting. Your first live stream is always the hardest, but you have to take this step to make your business a success.

How to Use the YouTube Live Dashboard

You can broadcast live on YouTube from your mobile device or right from your webcam. Under the Events option, you can set a start time for your YouTube Live broadcast. You can select the privacy settings to invite only your followers or open your broadcast to the public. If you have a blog site, you can announce the date and time of the live streams. Alternatively, you can send email invitations to your target audience.

To do this, click on Events in the YouTube menu under Video Manager. You have to do this on your desktop or laptop because the Info and Settings tab is still not available on mobiles and tablets. Click on the New Live Event, and then fill up the Basic Info tab.

The Basic Info requires that you provide a title, including descriptions and tags, for your video. Since you will engage in live streams, you have to include start and end times. YouTube Live supports simultaneous live streams. However, keep in mind that you have to individually stop and start each live stream.

If you plan to do multiple live streams, check your network and encoding resources. Your bandwidth and encoders must have the capability to handle simultaneous events. YouTube provides a Live Streaming checklist that appears at the top right of the YouTube Live dashboard. It is an excellent guide for setting up your first live event.

How to Engage Your Viewers and Get Immediate Feedback with Youtube Live

Activate your Chat Window to engage with your viewers. The window is located right on the YouTube Live Streaming Checklist. You and your viewers can interact via this window during your broadcast. This is also where you will see the emoticons from viewers’ response. 

After the Event, you can view the engagement of your viewers from the Analytics button. You can access the analytics when you click on any live event that you have streamed.

Your YouTube Live broadcast is included in your regular video uploads. Depending on the privacy settings for the event, it can be viewed by the public, or by your selected audience.

You can further expand your YouTube Live marketing campaign by downloading your video for sharing to other social platforms. This means every single live broadcast, even to just a selected number of viewers, can reach more potential customers when the file is shared by your followers.

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How to Cost-Effectively Boost the Exposure of Your Products with YouTube Live

Marketing products and services on the Internet started with emails and blogs. From these platforms, the trend moved into social media sites through the web and video links.  The latest development in this dynamic field is the move towards video content marketing.

YouTube Live is a premier platform for video content marketing. YouTube videos enjoy a staggering 4 billion daily views worldwide. You should seriously consider launching YouTube Live broadcasts to tap this potential and grow your business.   

More consumers prefer the convenience of purchasing online. They key-in searches for goods and services automatically rather than use the phone or go to shops. A good blog site is definitely an excellent tool for Internet marketing. However, live video streaming is better because it levels-up your engagement with your audience. 

YouTube Live video streams give you the opportunity to engage your audience in real time. A blog or a social media post can generate hundreds or thousands of likes and queries. However, you do not get the opportunity to engage with your audience. Audience engagements result in high conversions. 

How to Develop a Greater Audience for Your Products and Services

You can engage in YouTube Live video streams following a few simple steps. Free live streaming is not a new Internet concept. It just happened that some marketers believe that video production is a complex process. With technology advances and the launch of several video streaming platforms, video content marketing is now easier.   

It is highly desirable to launch your Internet marketing campaign on YouTube Live because it is the most popular video sharing and viewing site. Furthermore, the platform is user-friendly, and the videos are available for playback on different viewing platforms.

YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Statistics also show that the number of hours that viewers become engaged in watching videos increase by about 50% every year. Streaming video on YouTube Live will bring your marketing campaign to millions of viewers who are prospective customers.

YouTube Live streaming is cost-effective. A creative video with catchy and interesting taglines can capture a substantial audience. The advantages of this popular platform include the feature for sharing in social media and embedding videos on websites. Your audience grows progressively from video shares and likes.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, your videos have better chances of being ranked routinely in Google searches. The routine Google ranking and the easy process of sharing YouTube Live streams in other social media sites makes it a very desirable platform for video content marketing.

How to Set Up YouTube Live Broadcast Software

First, create a YouTube account in your name, or in the name of your business or the brand that you promote. Create a channel to enable your account for live streaming. You can execute these operations using your Gmail or Google accounts. 

Second, before going into YouTube Live streaming – You have to set up your encoding software. The encoding software captures video content from your camera, microphone, or your desktop computer for YouTube Live broadcasts. Verified YouTube broadcast software features the YouTube logo and integrates seamlessly with the app.

Some verified software broadcast options include Wirecast Go for iOS devices for broadcasting live on your iPhone. For Android devices, the AirServer app for Windows and Mac mirrors both Android and iOs devices to YouTube.

Alternatively, you can install the open source Open Broadcast Software for video recording and live streaming, or opt for alternative encoding software. YouTube allows the use of unverified encoding software. However, you have to complete set-up operations to configure the encoder to the YouTube recommended encoding settings. 

Third, configure your encoder for the Stream now YouTube Live broadcast option. Copy the server URL and stream name/key into the encoder. For Live Events, copy the broadcast entry points from YouTube Ingestion Settings to the encoder. Entry points include Stream Name, Primary server URL, and the Backup Server URL.   

All About YouTube Live Broadcasts and Streams

After setting up your YouTube account and channel and configuring your encoder, you are now ready to go into your first YouTube Live broadcast. Keep in mind that YouTube Live is a business tool to boost product sales. And like most tools, you have to understand how it works and know the different features to get the best results.

Access the YouTube Live dashboard by clicking on your profile picture. Then, click on the button for Creator Studio. If you are using the Open source Software, click on your audio and video capture devices, which can be your desktop or a webcam. Next, click on Start Streaming and your first broadcast is on. 

YouTube Live allows you to set the privacy settings of every broadcast. You can do as many test broadcasts as you want, and then refine the contents after every preview. Choose members of your family and friends to view test broadcasts. Their feedbacks are useful for improving the content and you get the chance to practice your hosting skills.

You can monitor your test broadcasts from the YouTube Live Control Room feature. Use a desktop or laptop since this feature is not available on mobile and tablet. The viewers that you allowed from the app privacy setting will see your live stream. They can engage you or provide feedback on the chat box.

How to Refine Your Content and Hosting Skills

YouTube Live is an excellent platform for engaging your audience in real time. The quality of your engagement depends on the content of the video, your hosting skills, and your readiness to answer questions and issues about your brand.

Before you engage in YouTube Live streaming, have a clear goal for the broadcast. If it is to introduce a new product, have a good product video ready for streaming. If you want to answer questions and comments on your blog site or email responses, mentioning the names of those who raised these issues is a good practice.

In live streaming, you will be multitasking as the host and chat moderator. Do not be distracted by live-streaming issues like mixed sound directions. Keep yourself focused on your planned content, and deliver your full message. At the start of streaming, set down a few rules for handling audience feedback.

Your engagement with your audience can be enhanced if you provide unexpected discount codes or giveaways. More important, this will keep them watching your broadcast until you have said everything about your brand and addressed every concern.

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How to Correctly Develop Your Skills as a Video Host in YouTube Live

YouTube Live broadcasts used to be the domain of newscasters, live sports, and pop music celebrities. After a few years, it has become part of our culture. Live streams are currently used by different professional groups and Internet marketers to reach more people online.

YouTube Live is the most popular video streaming platform. More people worldwide view videos on YouTube every day. Recent statistics state that there are 4 billion daily video views on YouTube from more than a billion accounts.

Reports claim that only about 9% of small businesses in the US use the platform for promoting their products and services. Most business owners choose Facebook and Twitter as their social media business tools. This has resulted in a great number of competing ads in these platforms.

If you are a business owner or an Internet marketer, this is the best time to venture into video marketing via YouTube Live. Video is a great way to make your company and products visible to millions of potential customers. If you get in early, you can acquire substantial following before others recognize its potentials.

Develop Your Skills as a Video Host in YouTube Live

Video hosting requires skills that only a few are ready to tackle. Once you have set your sights to engage in video content marketing, you will develop these skills as you log in more hours of hosting experience. The important thing is taking the first step to live streaming.

The best way to learn hosting is to watch as many live video streams as you can. Pick up the positive hosting qualities from the good videos. You can incorporate these into your broadcasts. Take note of the less desirable ones, and consciously avoid duplicating these mistakes.

The next step is to create good content. Start with a business goal, for example introducing a new product or service by highlighting its features and advantages over competitors. You can also create a broadcast to address issues customers have raised. Mine your blog site and responses to your email marketing campaigns to gather customer feedback.

Once you have planned your content, prepare a script or a short draft of the things you want to discuss. Make it short and simple for your first YouTube Live broadcast. You can prepare for longer videos once you have sufficiently honed and tested your hosting skills.

Rehearsing for Your YouTube Live Broadcasts     

Live streaming requires a test broadcast. This enables you to perfect your delivery and to address technical issues that can crop up in a YouTube Live broadcast. Use test broadcasts to iron out glitches in your encoder or YouTube channel. Test broadcasts also allow checking of the microphone, camera, and other equipment for your live streaming.

One good feature of YouTube Live is its privacy setting. You can select a few of your friends or business partners to view the test broadcasts or previews. Call this a rehearsal, which you can repeat several times until you are satisfied with the quality of the broadcast.

Rehearsals also allow you to test YouTube Live chat, and your capability to handle comments during live broadcasts. This is important for testing how well you can engage with your audience, and at the same time have a full delivery of your planned content.

Run a full rehearsal in the venue where you will do the streaming, Use the same set of equipment for rehearsals and for the actual event. Do not introduce a new component, in equipment or content, which you have not tested during the test broadcast.

Remember to close all unnecessary programs and applications, including antivirus software, when you do live streaming. Live streaming, particularly your YouTube Live broadcast software, require considerable computer resources. Your computer resources must be dedicated to your broadcast, without unnecessary programs running in the background.

Choosing the Content of YouTube Live Broadcasts

When incorporating video content marketing into your business plans, map out the contents of a series of videos for your products. A single video will not make much impact in your business, in the same manner, that a single blog article will not result in a large following for your website.

This means you should be prepared to host YouTube live broadcasts regularly. In fact, your video marketing campaign provides you with the best opportunities for engaging with customers. You get to interact with them in real time, and they get answers to the most pressing concerns about your product.

Video content marketing presents a more personal way of engaging with your customers. You can set up your YouTube Live broadcasts with very little or no cost at all, except for the cost of the computer and camera setup.

Remember that you have full control over the content of your video feeds. You can talk about any topic that can be translated into video format, including simple discussions about product features or the nature of your business. You can even incorporate a story that will make your customers stay and listen to the full content of your video stream.   

Benefits of YouTube Live Streaming

In addition to the huge viewership of YouTube videos, the app is owned by Google. This means your video streams have better chances of ranking in Google searches. As long as you provide good content that benefits the viewers, you will start to develop a worldwide following.

You may think that if you own a small business, the worldwide exposure of your company and brand may not count for much. However, you are thinking of now and not the future. Everything that you invest in your business now, including your first attempts at video hosting, has positive impacts on your business.

You can share YouTube Live streams across various social media platforms. When the stream is over, YouTube Live keeps the event archived for up to 12 hours in the Video Manager. You can create a local archive for your broadcasts, and have these edited using the YouTube Video Editor.

Concluded YouTube Live events, or its edited version can be included in regular YouTube video uploads. You can make it available to all YouTube viewers, or for the selected viewers based on the configured privacy settings.  

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